Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I wish.

my wishlist for life. for today, for tomorrow, and for everything else.
due note i am under the influence of sleeping pills that arent working so just be forewarned.

1. I wish I was one of those people who fell asleep the minute they hit the pillow, i hate, despite having a plerthera of sleeping pills to my availability i still cannot sleep but in fear of some kind of overdose I always stay strictly in obedience of the prescrption rules.

2. I wish I had a ton of money, or at least, I never had to worry about money.

3. and in that money wish, i wish i could eat out all the time, not for the sake that i dont like to cook but i always hear about these really great restaurants in seattle but i never go because i really dont have the money to go to them.

4. i wish i had great legs. of all body parts i think legs are the sexiest and i definitley dont have them, even if i tried and worked out really hard the way i'm built, i have big thick legs and i dont find them sexy in anyway. not to mention im ridiculously white (because i cant tan in the sun) and i bruise ridiculously easily on my mediciations - i look like i get beat up on the daily.

5. i wish i had perfect health.

6. i wish i had my own car again, its starting to annoy me that i dont have my car when i want it. my sister tends to have first priority, if she wants to make plans after work she can because she alreayd has the car. and then if i have things i need to do and it messes with her schedule she gives me crap - which pisses me off. its MY car. and sharing a car with her is becoming a problem for me trying to volunteer for habitat for humanity and finding a job

7. people would understand what health care reform truly means.

8. i could think of more things to list so i could end on number 10 but i cant. so tough.



  1. I'm glad that you stick to the dosage kiddo. That is truly important. I wish I could sing you a lullaby that would work. I could send you some of my technical writing...that would knock you out cold, tuit de suite.

    Money brings its own set of worries, my dear. But that said, I've been pretty damn poor in my day (as in getting more than one meal out of a can of Campbell soup poor), and having money beats not every time.

    SOOOO....next time I'm in Seattle, try not to have a cold and you and I and jo will go someplace really good.

    I totally get your health wish. Mine is good right now, but I know how bad being sick sux. I thank God for every good day.

    I can't stand sharing a car. When mine's in the shop I feel like I'm missing a limb!!

  2. yeah i totally fear having some kind of accidential overdose and then my family might think its suicide and would be blamming themselves and not knowing it was an accident or something. not to mention the fear of dying. haha especially since im using ambien - yano, strong sleeping pills haha

    yeah money drives me crazy, i will say i have amazing parents and when im really stuck in a rut or overdraft on my account i can always call them. luckily what i've done is given my dad all my money and he gives it to me like a "paycheck" and then if i have to ask for more money its usually from my own money so i dont have to feel TOO guilty. but that money of mine will run out (and its money from loans and stuff.)

    yes! i really was bummed we didnt get to meet up last time, it was pink eye though! i would have suffered through s cold lol

    i know of tons of great places to eat in seattle i just wish i could go to them all!

    yeah i think what i hate about being an "unhealthy" person (with my autoimmune disease...although my doctor hates and refuses to call me "unhealthy" haha) is that whenever the smallest little thing happens like i get a headache i start to have a little panic like "shit is this something more? is this the start of a flareup?" it makes me really paranoid

    yeah i hate sharing my car, the worst part is that its MY car its not like we both put our money into it and we dont get to equally share the car 50/50 it really has turned more into HER car. i mean luckily we live downtown so i can get through life without a car but when i do need a car it drives me crazy

    it really is the sole reason why i havent been able to volunteer again for habitat for humanity :(

  3. OH, most definitely pearl when you are here we need to get together all of us!

  4. 1. i wish i could just jump ahead six months or a year or whatever it will take to settle my life out. but i guess that's why they say life is a journey, and i have to follow it.

    2. i wish money wasn't a worry, too, and that my daughter didn't have to take loans for college.

    3. i wish i could travel more.

    4. i wish for good health for all the people i love

    5. i wish i could go to a nice restaurant in seattle with kylee and pearl and jo

    6. i wish i had time to take photography classes, write a book, ride every day, READ a book, and learn to cook really well

    7. i wish i could slow my mind down and just let things flow more

    8. i wish i could STOP falling asleep at inappropriate times, like business meetings, lol

    9. i wish the last few flabby parts on my body would finally go away after so many months of working out and eating less

    10. i wish my grandmother was still around so i could talk to her about where my life is now

    ha! i got to 10!

  5. i sometimes wish you could skip ahead on time too although right now im at a time in my life where i'm happy enough i dont feel the need to fast forward, not in large installments anyways

    i dont mind having college loans i know i'll be paying it off for years but i think it will be worth it. all my loans are all from the same place and i will just consolidate them from the beginning

    i wish i could travel more too. we should make a pact (all of us bloggers) to make a big trip one day and we can all meet up and sit around and drink wine and blog in person - haha!

    i feel you on the flabby parts! my arms are getting more and more pudgy but i dont work out i just try and watch what you eat - i think about working out, it never really happens. we have a pool at our apartment though so im thinking of taking up swimming when it opens i'm hoping its open 24 hours so i can do late night swimming

  6. i wrote out 9 wishes and then got distracted and decided to check out your Louvrak Facebook page and then i couldn't click back in so i wish that didn't happen.

    And i wish your #5 too eque. But i am not going to go ahead and retype them because i'm too tired!

  7. aw i get so bummed when you loose an email or really anything that you took the time to sit down and write.

  8. Does that mean you're on facebook, now, jo???

  9. No, but the Louvrak page is not set to private so you can look at it. You know i will tell y'all when i join. I think i am going to have to anyway because of work.

    I am able to check in because Brian lets me use his account.

  10. yeah shes like a fake facebooker because she does kind of use it now by using brians!

  11. if i friend-request brian, will he accept me? then you can see my page. but i hate being ignored, so make sure he won't before I request, lol.

    i am now a proud louvrak fan!

  12. speaking of facebook for work, if anyone would please become a fan of Meadowood, we need a few more before we can do more stuff with our page:


  13. Brian accepted my friend request. I just wish jo would give in and join on her own. Being a lurker is kind of oogie to me...stalkerish almost. Not how I see jo at all.

    I have a lot of work friends on facebook -- in fact that's how I got pulled in myself. Still makes me a little nervous to have so many old Gumbo friends on there as well, but I've been selective in the requests I've accepted so as to keep the mean girls and whackaloons out.

    BTW -- jo and eque -- you have transcended the Gumbo friends label. You are friend friends.


  14. hahaha i agree pearl, being able to "stalk" other pages without being able to have others stalk you is just wrong. jo needs to cave and get her own.

    and yeah i first got a facebook to keep in contact with all my friends from work that were working on cruise ships - it was such a good way to keep in contact when they were in the middle of the ocean half way across the world

    but since then i have teachers and bosses and old coworkers and my grandmother so i "monitor" my facebook as it is anyways

    congrats jojo and equeyaya from graduating from gumbo friends to just friends. :) haha.

  15. There is no "just" in friends, MH. Friends are never "just".

    Actually, the 'monitoring' you do is good because that means you don't have to worry about cleaning it up later when you start post-grad jobhunting. (have you ever seen the blog "oh crap my parents are on facebook" ? It's hilarious: http://myparentsjoinedfacebook.com/

    My niece's BF got in a bit of hot water over facebook page stuff during an internship. Not a good career starter.

  16. very true i didnt mean "just" friends.

    yeah I pretty much started "monitoring" from when i first got my facebook - but its very true because the way facebook is setup, you basically can't ever just delete anything.

    i havent seen that! i need to check it out.

    but yeah definitley it cracks me up when i still see friends posting pictures with illegal substance and drinking ridiculously heavy, thats fine you do it whatever, but really your going to post it on FB?

    it always cracks me up when i see status updates as "i'm so high" or "im so drunk" or huungover or etc. its like really you guys?

  17. "BTW -- jo and eque -- you have transcended the Gumbo friends label. You are friend friends."

    :) I feel the same, pearl!

    OK, I'll go out on a limb and friend Brian. He sorta feels like a friend friend, too, by extension.

    Did they leave for Sedona yet?

    My friend Amy's mom invited me to join facebook.

    My daughters scold me for "creepin'" on them by looking at their pages. But at least I don't post embarassing comments... too much!

  18. Oh i'm sure Brian will add you!

    I do believe they left for Sedona by now, i'm sure Jo will be blogging when she gets the chance.

    haha my mom does that but Mom will post on pictures and say things about us swearing but I manage and monitor her facebook and I said if she can't refrain from posting things like that I'm going to take her facebook away LOL

    she one time saw a picture of my sister smoking a ciggerette (my sister is 24) and my mom flipped out and commented on it - but it was my sisters friends album so Ash got in trouble by her mom on facebook and ALL her friends saw LOL